Seago Line facts and figures

Seago Line is one of the leading short-sea and feeder operators in Europe, with more than 300 employees and 40 offices. Our 62 vessels regularly dock in over 70 ports, creating one of the most extensive route networks in the region.

Seago Line facts and figures

Seago Line was founded in 2011 to enable customers to improve trade by connecting businesses across Europe.

As an independent company within the Maersk Group, we have offices all across the region and offer a reliable local shipping service from the Black Sea through the Mediterranean, to the North Atlantic and the Baltics.

We co-ordinate our fleet from a centralised operational base in Copenhagen, working with a flat management structure to control operational efficiency and offer a greater level of flexibility for our customers.

As one of the largest short-sea operators in Europe, Seago Line benefits from access to the largest container equipment pool in the region and an integrated network that covers almost all major markets. But our service goes beyond ships and containers; we take care of our customers and their interests.


43 offices covering more than 60 countries

300+ staff

62 vessels with a combined capacity of over 90,000 TEUs

72+ ports across Europe

28+ feedering services covering the entire European region

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