Announcement of Strikes in Spanish Ports


Updated 26 May 2017 

An agreement has been reached between the stevedore unions and ANESCO. As a consequence of this, strikes in all ports are reported to be called off (strike suspended: 24th May, 26th May, 29th May, 31st May) until June 2nd (expected disruption dates: 2nd June, 5th June, 7th June and 9th June).

• Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona confirmed strikes are called off.

• Castellon has communicated that strikes are still planned as from June 2nd during odd hours.

We will be sharing new information as soon as we know more.


Updated 19 May 2017 

In light of the announced industrial actions at Spanish ports, it is our intention to keep you constantly updated with regard to any service changes that might have an impact on the flow of your cargo. In the section below, we will be updating you with any information available and we encourage you to check it regularly for future updates.

As always, we remain at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact our local staff in Spain if you need any additional information.

Vessel  ETA  Service  Port  Contingency 
Cezanne  May 20 2017  SAMBA  Algeciras  Will discharge at Port Tangier. Cargo will be moved back to Algeciras for connection. 
MSC Clara  May 17 2017  AE2  Algeciras  Will discharge all cargo initially planned for APMT at TTIA. 
MSC Ilona  May 19 2017  TA5  Algeciras  Vessel omits Algeciras. To call Malta for further connection to Algeciras. 
SL Washington  May 21 2017  TA6  Algeciras  Vessel will omit Algeciras and cargo will discharge either in Barcelona or in Malta. 


Updated 16 May 2017 

Dear customer,

In light of the announced voting on the new port labour law in Spain, we have been advised of new industrial actions announced by the stevedores’ union in Spanish ports. Slow-down actions on terminal operations have been initiated in the ports of Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona from Monday afternoon, May 15. In addition, official strikes have been announced in all Spanish ports in the form of work stoppages on every other hour, (starting at 8.00 on a specific day and lasting until 8.00 the following day) on the following dates: 24th May, 26th May, 29th May, 31st May, 2nd June, 5th June, 7th June and 9th June. 

We are currently assessing what impact these actions will have on our operations and are committed to sharing more information with you as soon as possible.

Please reach out to our customer service teams if you have any further concerns:

Kind regards,
Seago Line 

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