Operational Update July

Update July 25

Dear customer,

We hope your workweek is off to a great start. As we continue our last sprint toward full recovery, we would like to share the final global update on some of the items that are of interest to you; going forward, these updates will be handled by your local Seago Line team because, while all global applications are up and running, there are some local variances.

When we reflect on the activities of the last four weeks, we have conducted extensive work on our IT infrastructure. Concurrently, we have worked hard to clear the backlog and make sure the impact on your business has been as minimal as possible. During this process, our local teams have been required to handle lots of manual work, and everyone is looking forward to returning to servicing your business in a seamless and efficient manner. We thank you once again for your patience and support.

Online Quote
We are pleased to announce that the quote request form for short-term rates is now back online – available globally. This means we will once again be able to give you quick and relevant shipping rates online. As previously, you can submit your quote request on My.Seagoline.com/OnlineQuote. We strive to provide you with a rate within just a few hours, but also anticipate that the increased number of requests this week might result in slightly longer response times.

We know that some of you have asked for spot quotes over the last few weeks. We want to make sure that you get the most relevant and latest rate offering at hand, which means we have opted to focus on your new requests coming in through the online form. We hope you will resubmit your quote request and look forward to supporting your business. Our short-term rate sheets and long term contracting are running normally as previously advised.

Submission of Advanced Manifest
We can confirm that we are in full compliance with EU regulations related to Advanced Manifest process. It is of great importance that Shipping Instructions are submitted in due time in order to comply with Advanced Manifest deadlines. Submission deadlines will be listed on your Booking Confirmation as usual.

General Status
The majority of our applications is back up and running close to normal, and we are open for all your quotations. Our websites, Seagoline.com and My.Seagoline.com, are working with all functionalities; we are handling bookings through the various normal channels and processing shipping instructions, including advanced manifest submissions to relevant authorities.

Our import releases and inland deliveries are also flowing, although we acknowledge we still have some challenges in certain locations due to manual processing and capacity restrictions. Lastly, we are issuing invoices online but still have a few remaining items to progress on local invoicing applications which we continue to work on over the next period.

As we clear the last parts of the backlog and serve your new business, we acknowledge that you may still encounter some data quality inconsistencies and delays in response times in some locations. We assure you that we are fully committed to returning to our normal standards as soon as possible.

We understand that this journey has been inconvenient and sometimes frustrating for you as a customer of us, and we would like to thank you once again for all your patience and trust in us.

We are very grateful for serving you and your business.

Kind Regards,
Seago Line


Update July 20

Dear customer,

We would like to provide you with an update regarding cyber security, to which we have received a number of queries over the last weeks. Your logistics and supply chain security is of utmost importance to us, and we hope this will help answer your questions as best we as can at this stage.

While we are conducting a forensic investigation into the virus attack, our efforts are primarily focused on full recovery to return to our normal customer service levels as quickly as possible. In response to this new type of malware, we have put in place different and further protective measures. Due to confidentiality we cannot share details on these measures at this stage.

Has Seago Line lost any data through the virus attack?
While our operations and communications have been significantly affected by this virus attack, no data breach or data loss to third-parties is known to have occurred as of this date.

Are customer systems connected to Seago Line at risk of infection?
It has been confirmed by the leading cyber crime analysts and agencies that, while the virus spreads rapidly within a company's network, the virus does not spread between networks or across the internet. Our experience confirms this too.

Was Seago Line properly patched?
This virus attack was a previously unseen type of malware, and updates and patches applied to both Windows systems and our antivirus were not an effective protection in this particular case. Once our service has returned to complete normal conditions, we will conduct a full post-mortem. Thereafter, we will engage closely with customers and partners to share lessons from this incident and ensure you can benefit from our learnings. We have truly appreciated the numerous offers of assistance that we have received from customers during this process.

We remain determined in our path toward full recovery, which will see us serving your business and your shipping needs effectively again.

On a service note, please remember that My.Seagoline.com is fully up-to-date for tracking shipments, looking up rates, placing bookings etc. Our Seago Line App and SeagoLine.com are also fully functional and ready to assist you.

Thank you once again for your continued trust and support.

Kind Regards,
Seago Line


Update July 18

Dear customer,

We would like share with you an update as we are getting closer to business as normal. We are grateful to see that so many customers are using our customer channels in full and are in dialog with our customer service teams.

We are also pleased to share that we are about to get up-to-date on the short-term quotations that you have requested. We look forward to responding to all the new rate inquiries during this week. We honour all rates communicated and have retroactively reflected those agreements for the shipments in our custody.

Moreover, we are progressing on issuing invoices. You are now able to see your invoices on My.Seagoline.com under MyFinance, and invoices will shortly be sent to customers with an EDI link. We are still working on restoring relevant local applications to send invoices to you by email. Local variances may occur and the distribution of invoices will take place over the coming days.

We know that transport plan notifications from My.Seagoline.com are important to the planning of your logistics and supply chain. After extensive work in clearing the backlog, we will re-activate this feature today, Tuesday, and start sending out notifications, including ETA. If you are subscribed via My.Seagoline.com or have a direct EDI solution, you will start receiving these again. You may experience some inconsistencies as it relates to your transport plan information. The latest ETA change notification that you receive will reflect the accurate ETA. You will not receive retroactive notifications to the changes to your transport plan which have occurred over the last three weeks. Remember you can still look up your transport plan on My.Seagoline.com at your convenience.

Notifications on Arrival and Bill of Lading have been active throughout the past couple of weeks, meaning you are still receiving these as usual.

Furthermore, we recognise the disturbance this incident has caused to your business and will therefore waive Demurrage and Detention during the period when the system outrage impacted our ability to release your cargo. In most places, this period covers June 27-July 9, but there may be local variations based on when the containers were made available for import release so please check with our local customer service teams.

For your imports, the delivery process continues to be operational, although we acknowledge that the experience is slow in some locations due to manual processing. We are working hard on improving it within this week as we switch to automated solutions. Rest assured that no one feels more committed to alleviate your concerns, and we are diligently working through backlogs and manual processes to be able to serve you effectively again.

Remember that My.Seagoline.com is fully up-to-date for tracking shipments, looking up rates, placing bookings etc. Our Seago Line App and SeagoLine.com are also fully functional.

Thank you once again for your continued trust, understanding and for your business.

Kind Regards,
Seago Line

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