Seago Line Launches Black Sea Seasonal Service in Collaboration With Arkas Line A/S

As Seago Line always strives to improve our services for the benefit of the customers, we are pleased to inform you that Black Sea Seasonal Service will be launched to cater for the needs of Refrigerated cargo in the Black Sea area.

The service will be based on a Vessel Sharing Agreement (VSA) with Arkas Line A/S. With this agreement, Seago Line will be operating 1 out of 2 vessels in the schedule. With an average plug capacity of 600 plugs.

The Service rotation will be: Mersin-Novorossiysk-Mersin

Black Sea Seasonal will offer competitive transit times of 4 Days from Mersin port into Novorossiysk. First sailing of the service will be on Vessel EMMA A. Departing from Mersin on the 17th of October 2017.

Starting from Jan/Feb 2018 the service will adjust its rotation to cover Alexandria and Ashdod ports. Rotation will be Ashdod-Alexandria-Novorossiysk-Ashdod.

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