Seago Line A/S Announces Major Service Changes

Dear Customer,

Seago Line is constantly working on improving our services for the benefit of our customers. Therefore we are pleased to inform you that the Mediterranean Sea and the Ligurian Sea service will undergo some significant changes which will enable Seago Line to offer new and more corridors to our customers. Also, Mediterranean Sea is changing name to Mediterranean Sea A while our Ligurian Sea service is now called Mediterranean Sea B.

Mediterranean Sea A Service:

The Mediterranean Sea A service will be merged with the SEM service of our partner Arkas Line to create one combined service.

The service will deploy 4 x 2500 TEU vessels with the following rotation:

Valencia – Castellon (private call for Arkas) – Barcelona – Alexandria – Beirut – Mersin – Iskenderun – Latakia – Izmir – Port Tangier – Algeciras – Valencia

Mediterranean Sea B Service:

At the same time will the Mediterranean Sea B service be merged with the SMS service of Arkas Line to create one combined service that better meets the needs of our customers.

The service will deploy 4 x 2500 TEU vessels with the following rotation:

Algeciras – Genoa – Alexandria – Haifa – Genoa – Fos Sur Mer – Barcelona – Valencia – Algeciras (private call for Seago Line) – Port Tangier – Casablanca – Algeciras

The changes are taking place 1st February 2018. The arrival and departure details together with the exact transit times will be uploaded shortly.

Service details:

With these changes, Seago Line is very excited to announce that we will now be offering the following new direct connections: Genoa to Alexandria, Haifa to Genoa, Alexandria to Casablanca, Barcelona/Valencia to Mersin/Iskenderun/Latakia/Beirut, Iskenderun to Latakia/Beirut, as well as Barcelona to Alexandria.

Thank you for shipping with Seago Line!

Kind Regards,
Seago Line

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