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Dear esteemed Customer,

 We want to know what you think, when it comes to Seago Line. Your feedback is essential for us to further enhance our products and services to meet your needs and your customers' needs. We are fully aware that we are not there yet, so we stay on our toes to spot opportunities for improvement. Complete our survey, that is rolled out today and help us now to serve you even better. We care that you are happy with Seago Line!

Once a quarter we get a little more formal with our Customer Satisfaction Loyalty Survey. The survey is sent via a third party to a small portion of our customers globally to find out how we are doing. There are questions on our schedules, intermodal products, pricing, finance and how your business is handled by our customer service and sales representatives.

You or somebody in your organization may receive a link to our Q3 2018 survey as of today and we - as  Seago Line team in Germany - are writing this to ask  for your support in making sure  that whoever receives it, uses the opportunity to give us their feedback and shape the future of Seago Line.

Our customer's feedback is the starting point for our improvement and has led to features such as:

Invoice quality




Getting your invoice right the first time is our mission. Verified copies and arrival notices will now show invoice parties allowing you to bring forward corrections before ever receiving an incorrect invoice. And did you know our portal, now offers all parties on the transport document an opportunity to see and edit the payment details on a booking? Within their respective responsibilities of course.

With so many notifications and news piling up in your mailbox everyday, it is a challenge to see what is important for you and not to miss out on crucial information. We now put you in control of the things you care about. By offering the possibility to customize notifications on, by selecting those things that matter, you will be able to efficiently manage the emails received.

We rely on your feedback and we promise, we will take it seriously.
You are important to us in Seago Line - always!

Yours sincerely

Seago Line  


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