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As a company, we always want to inform our customers about the events relevant to them, and for that, we will migrate from the manual transport plan updates we send today to the automated and fully customizable notifications on our website, on September 17th. Customers can now choose what they want to receive and when, by signing into their account on our website and subscribing for notifications. 

Step by step guide on how to subscribe

Over the past year, we have been adding more customization options on our website for Transport Plan Changes notifications, enhancing the scope from just changes in the estimated time of arrival (sample shown in the second screenshot below), to changes in the estimate time of departure, port and terminal changes and vessel and voyage changes. 

With this new set up, customers are in the driver´s seat and can filter out the shipments that are not their own, based on the role their company plays or on the shipments that they booked themselves. They can also choose the type of changes they want to be informed about, even when only the itinerary, vessel, port or terminal changes but the estimated arrival date stays the same. 

In the words of Rune Jensen, Head of Customer Experience: “Now our customers know about the changes they consider relevant to them, instead of us assuming on their behalf and sending emails for any event”.

With these new features in place, we will stop the manual transport plan updates (sample shown in the first screenshot below), starting from September 17th, and rely solely on website notifications (sample in the third screenshot below) to inform subscribed customers, based on their own preferences. 

All customers can now receive all their information in one email, instead of the multiple types of emails they received before (see sample below). 

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