At Seago Line we want to provide our customers, you, with the best possible short sea and feeder container shipping services in the Intra European region – from the Black Sea through the Mediterranean to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

For us that means three things:

  • Running and extensive shipping network with high quality equipment 
  • Maintaining operational flexibility and reliability 
  • Taking care, really good care, of our customers.


Taking care of our customers also means that we have made it easier for you to book and manage shipments by moving your cargo online.

By using My.SeagoLine.com you can:

  • Look up shipping routes
  • Book a shipment
  • Submit shipping instructions
  • Track your cargo
  • Look up freight rates
  • Sign up for notifications on transport plan changes
  • View import related activities
  • Pay online by using credit card
  • Get your financial overview
  • Find your local Seago Line office

Get a faster and better shipping experience with us by visiting My.SeagoLine.com

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